Paper Girls Book 1 Review

Paper Girls has all of my favorite science fiction tropes, while still feeling like a fresh and new experience. The story keeps me hooked with an overarching mystery and occasionally shocks me with the next big twist.

However I didn’t give a strong, black, independent crap about the characters. One of them is characterized by being kind of pissed off most of the time. Another is noted for having an affinity towards video games (which isn’t even a personality trait). And the last one is the main character, which is a crying shame because she is the least defined in terms of personality.

Don’t get me wrong. She has cool stuff happen to her, but she is never really the one initiating the cool instances. Erin primarily reacts to situations or has someone else tell her what to do.

For example, She is given a message from the future telling her, “Don’t trust the other Erin.” This puts past Erin in difficult situation; she has to decide whether she can trust her future self or her clone… for like five seconds. Yeah, the clone immediately loses her mind, when things don’t go her way, and starts hitting the other girls. After that, I”m pretty sure nobody would have a hard time figuring out which version of Erin was the evil one.

 I also love it when people send unnecessarily vague messages that probably left the recipient more confused than before reading said message. I mean, come on. The person from the future couldn’t have written, “Evil clones be crazy?” It’s even shorter than the message she did send.

Speaking of time-travel, it’s exciting when an author tries to put a new spin on how we understand it. The time-travelers have to be in space or at least somewhere in the air to decrease the odds of being transported through an obstacle. I admire that much attention to detail.

Without going into too much about the time-travel aspect, I think this trio of protagonists- Wait!

My math is acting up again. I said there’s a trio, but there are four girls on the cover… That’s right. There’s a fourth paper girl, and her name is (one quick google search later) Karina. Yeah, Karina’s in the book too. She’s the one that sent the hockey stick back in time. That’s it.

Overall, it was a fun ride, and I look forward to reading future additions to this series.